Three gardens, Bardsey, Charton & Trantlebeg, in Derby Road will be open on the 12th May from 10.00 am to 4.00 pm.

Each garden is different and unique and for £10 per person, children under 16 free, you can visit all the gardens.  100% of the monies raised will go to Macmillan Cancer Support to specifically support their Midhurst Palliative Care Service.

Charton - with a magic tree experience for children

This garden is set on a gently sloping area mainly to the front of the house, with the 'working area' of composting and garden refuse collection just inside the front gate under the Scots Pines and Holly - this has a rough path through to the lawn for those who like to explore. Walking up the drive there is easy access to the front lawn on the left.

To the front of the house there is a rose bed and a large lawn, bordered on both sides shrubs and small trees, and Rhododendrons at the base. The front lawn has recently been divided by a flower bed and arch carefully placed to ensure you need to walk down and go through the arch to see the interest in the second area. At the front of the house there is a large terrace with pots of tulips and some perennials, and the borders have been planted with climbers for cover and colour. Some lovely established Acers as well as a Cherry and a espaliered pear tree are in the side border near the house with an old red rose intermingled with Actinidia.

Set in the first part of the front lawn is an old Magnolia which is covered with blooms (weather permitting!), and in the second part of the lawn is a small white Wisteria, training to be a tree in a couple of years!

The back garden has been used as inventively as possible bearing in mind the proximity to a large Leylandii boarder at the rear. Climbers are used to cover the conifers and to provide cascading colour - it is a 'work in progress', but provides flowers most of the year. The rear courtyard has pots with Hydrangeas, Geraniums, Ivy and fuchsias, and the structure is covered with Clematis, Wisteria and a vine on one side and roses on the other. There is a small herb garden.

Access around the garden is easy, and although there are steps onto the terrace, further up the garden has been levelled to allow easy access onto the terrace. There are 2 shallow steps into the courtyard.

On each side of the drive there are 8 Junipers and small box balls intermingled with the varied planting, these were planted to provide some structure to take the eye down the length of the drive and provide perspective.


Trantlebeg - where there will be musicians

Private, mature garden.  This is a sloping garden of 1.5 acres devoted mainly to trees and shrubs which are informally laid out in beds and free standing.  There are also woody areas and paths.  At the bottom of the garden are two largish ponds and, next to the railway line, an informal space which is casually planted with some specimen and not so specimen trees.

To provide all the year round interest and colour, the trees and shrubs are a mixture of evergreen and deciduous.  There are large numbers and varieties of camellias and acers, as well as rhododendrons and azaleas, which will be providing good colours in May.

Wheelchair users will need assistance to explore the bottom of the garden, especially if its wet.  Visitors with children should be wary of the ponds.


The garden has always been intended for personal pleasure only and though there is plenty of interest in it the owners hope it will be seen as an amateur effort.  They are opening their garden on this day to raise money for local Macmillan services..

Bardsey - where refreshments will be available all day

This garden, which is often featured in Surrey Life and frequently hosts gardening clubs (and a few fairies) from around the UK and Northern Europe, is a two-acre garden on greensand and clay, currently separated into 4 distinct areas. 



Fragrant herb and rose parterre bordered by lavender and ilex crenata; pink, purple and white herbaceous borders; raised vegetable beds and caged fruit garden.  The lower garden comprises several natural ponds, one with ducks, an area of fruit trees, including a Bardey apple tree, all within a large chicken run.  Photos of this garden can be found via the 'Photo Gallery' tab on this website.

Contact details: Telephone: 01428 652283 or e-mail:

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